With our expertise in Cloud, specifically Amazon Web Services, you would be able to provide your customers with Reliability, Speed and Robustness

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Cloud integration offers the following advantages


  • Your website is hosted in multiple locations at once, providing you high availability.
  • Using CDN, your images files can be cached in various geographic locations  making them load faster.
  • You pay only for the time you use the system.
  • The website can be designed to increase capacity depending on the load on the server.
  • Cloud integration offers scalability to allow for future expansion in terms of the number of users, the number of applications, or both.
  • If you have customers located in different regions, you can have servers in those regions, making it accessible faster.
  • You get all the benefits of a big data center infrastructure without having to pay for one.
  • No contracts. No long term commitments.
  • Flexible and Upfront pricing model.


  • Selling seasonal gifts online on a web storefront.
  • Spikes of heavy and light usage.
  • Unpredictable increase or decrease in web traffic.
  • Inconsistent bandwidth.
  • Need to maintain huge infrastructure when usage is low.

The Solution

  • Cloud Computing. Flexible pricing model.
  • Run your batch jobs with low-cost on-demand pricing.
  • Automatic Backups and restore.
  • Low-cost permanent storage. Fast SSG storage.
  • Virtually Unlimited computing power at hand.

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